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"Tucker has a voice in a million -- powerful, hypnotic, untamed and yet utterly controlled. She sings from the gut, but hers is a trained instrument."
Maria Nutick -- Green Man Review

"Alexander is equally adept at guitar, fiddle, mandolin and various percussion."
JM -- Dirty Linen

LJ Review - smodell1995
Jul. 24th, 2009 - A Bunch of Mythcreants

There are a number of adjectives I could use to describe the Tricky Pixie album release party in Kenmore, WA., last night: thoughtful; exciting; wondrous; hilarious; sexy; agonizing; riotous; high-octane; erotic; masterful. Take your pick. Add a few of your own if you were there. (more...)

Tonight was Tricky Pixie's first concert. This wasn't just the kind of "good" you get when you put some skilled musicians together. This was "I don't know if I've ever seen such fantastic synergy" good.

I think my absolute favorite part was watching all of Alec's fans lose their jaws on the floor over Sooj and Betsy. They're in love, and oh are they happy about it. And I really cannot blame them, 'cause I'm in the same boat.
Bellevue, WA

I wish my brain worked better in the heat, then I *might* have a chance of being as eloquent in this post as I'd like to be.

The Tricky Pixie concert at Soul Food Books tonight exceeded my already high expectations. Just the SOUND that these three amazing performers have when they do a song together is enough to make angels, devils, and bodhisattvas weep. And then there was the set list. There was a joke at one point about this being the "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" set list. Yeah, I'm guessing a number of people were sweating due more to the music than the temperature.

Getting to hear Creature of the Wood back-to-back with Daughter of the Glade was mind-blowing. I'd been ravenously curious about Daughter of the Glade ever since Alec mentioned at NorWesCon that s00j had written it, and his high approval of same. Folks, that song managed to exceed my expectations by so much that it went into orbit. I *loved* Sooj talking about when playing it for Alec for the first time, how she hadn't shook that bad before performing a song since she was 15 and doing a solo. Even better was Alec's follow up that he was shaking that bad *after* he heard her song.

Getting to hear them do March of C with a whole roomful cheerfully shouting along was great. Alec's song, "Blood and Body" (actual title? anyone? Bueller?) had the room literally howling along at various points. Seeing the reactions of Alec fans to the Wendy Trilogy was fantastic, including the shouts of laughter as Sooj's trickster side came out time and again to tease the audience.

I loved the balance between Alec's songs, Sooj's songs, Betsy's song, and even one by another performer entirely for their encore.

Betsy was definitely the backbone of the show. Her grace and intensity underscored the drowning deep sounds she brought forth from her cello, and I loved seeing her getting acknowledgement from the audience for her contributions. All three performers shared the stage beautifully, and the energy and chemistry of this new group bodes very well for their future. They were having a hell of a lot of fun, and bringing their audience along for the ride. FaerieWorld is not going to know what hit them. ;)
Kelly Crow
Redmond, WA

So the first eva Tricky Pixie concert was a HUGE freaking gianormous hit! They ROCKED the greater Seattle Area baby! I am telling you, the combination of these three individual artists is just amazing. The energy that was flowing through that tiny little bookshop was palatable! Everyone felt it! Heck even my son (who has been an unbelievable pain in the arse lately) was mellow through the whole thing. (Of course THAT wore of far too soon.) As a matter of fact four kidlets just chilled out in the kid zone listening to the music and being uncharacteristically mellow and happy! LOL! S. J. Tucker, Alec Adams, and Betsy Tinney - YOU RAWK!
Tacoma, WA

The three of you together are magic.. sheer magic.. you make my heart explode with love & light & laughter & pride
Clan Sidhefire

OMG, go see Tricky Pixie. Separately, Alex and Sooj are fiery, animated, beautiful performers. Together, they play off of each other and the music blends into something I haven't experienced before. They plan a CD soon. This could be a case where a CD may not do their performance justice; their performance is as much visual and interactive as instrumental and vocal. There wasn't any room to dance last night and the music just begged for dancing.

All and all, I have to declare Tricky Pixie as being one of the best bands around. me, the best part was when they played "Come to the Labyrinthe". It's been my favorite s00j song since I first heard it, and this time around I found myself being totally mesmerized by the performance along with the audience participation at the end. Wow. It had to be the most meditative experiences that I have had in recent memory. I came out of it feeling more alive then I have in a long while. I was positively giddy.
Gothic Angel

My son and i dance like crazy woodland creatures to your music!
Erin Baker
Joplin, MO

I loved the show, I loved the DVD and I love you guys. I want to feed you fresh baked cookies. I want to take you to the best-kept secret local beaches and spend the day hunting agates in the evening light at low tide. I want you all to have the bed you sleep best in, and enough sleep to wake up feeling like making music. I hold those wishes aloft and I let them drift free and hope they find you. And I look forward to seeing all of you again.
barbara brugger
Albany, OR

I felt like we were going to break the walls apart at Soul Food.

"Super-fantastic. March of Cambreadth shook the floor!"
Ahna, windbourne
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